Annapolis Rock Sunset Hike & Optional Camping

05/06/2017 17:00
05/07/2017 12:00


Annapolis Rock & Black Rock Cliff
MD-Route 40 39.53555, -77.60408
Myersville, MD

Sunset Hike & Camping at Annapolis Rock/Black Rock Cliff
Boonsboro/Myersville, Maryland
Saturday, May 6, 2017

Join the GMP for a sunset hiking experience and optional camping at Annapolis Rock & Greenbrier State Park. The Annapolis Rock/Black Rock Cliff hike on the Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular in Maryland, with views from both lookouts that are spectacular on a clear day. Annapolis Rock is not only a popular location for hikers, but also a favorite spot for rock climbers. Black Rock Cliff is the favorite of the two overlooks for its panoramic views and less traffic (this is where we’ll view the sunset).

WHEN: Saturday, May 6, 2017

WHERE: Annapolis Rock/Black Rock Cliff
Boonsboro/Myersville, MD
About an hour drive from DC (see below for Google Maps link)


HIKE ONLY MEETING TIME: 5:00 PM at the parking lot for the Appalachian Trail on MD-Route 40 (39.53555, -77.60408) . If you need a ride, we may be able to work out some carpool options or pick up at a convenient metro station. Please contact Kristen to inquire. Please plan to be on time, we will leave the parking lot no later than 5:15pm to ensure ample time to see the sunset.

We will plan to start hiking during daylight hours to get to the overlooks to view the sunset/full moon. Total hiking distance is 8 miles roundtrip. Sunset time is estimated at 8:10pm A HEADLAMP OR REALLY GOOD FLASHLIGHT IS MANDATORY. We will be hiking back to the trailhead in the DARK. Please consider this fact before signing up for this hike. See below for alternate hiking plan in the event of overcast skies.

TRAIL LENGTH/DIFFICULTY: Total hike is 8 miles roundtrip. We will be hiking around 4 miles in the dark to head back. This hike is rated as DIFFICULT. There is an elevation gain of only 840 feet, but the most challenging part is hiking back in the dark.

Annapolis Rock/Black Rock Cliff Details:

HIKING THINGS TO BRING: Sturdy hiking shoes, water, snack/light trail dinner, camera, HEADLAMP OR GOOD FLASHLIGHT IS MANDATORY, bug repellent, appropriate clothing for the weather (consider that we’ll be hiking after dark, plan on bringing layers)

RSVP Send an email to Kristen Gonzalez ( by APRIL 28 if you will just be joining us for the hike. If you are interested in CAMPING, RSVP NO LATER THAN APRIL 21 (see below for details).

CAMPING DETAILS: There are primitive camping sites within the hiking trails (along the AT), but in order to have a full camping experience, we will instead travel across the street to the Greenbrier State Park for the night. The plan will be to set up camp prior to hiking and then once we’re done viewing the sunset, we will head back to the campsite to enjoy a campfire, a late dinner, and good company! There will be an additional 4 miles of hiking/walking to get to/from the trailhead for the official hike (Total Distance will be 12 miles-unless we can figure out some rides!).

Greenbrier State Park
21843 National Pike
Boonsboro, Maryland
39°32'10"N, 77°37'25"W (39.53611, -77.62361)

CAMPING COST: Each site is around $27 per night; depending on the number of people, the cost will be figured appropriately. Park entrance fee: $3/person for MD residents; $5/person for out-of-state residents.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CAMPING, PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN APRIL 21. I will reserve a site or two, depending on numbers. If not enough interest in camping, we will still plan on doing the sunset hike.

CAMPING MEETING TIME: Let’s plan to arrive by 3:00pm to set up camp, maybe have a quick snack before heading to the trailhead for a 5:00pm meeting time. I will provide instructions on where to meet once I have the location of the site(s).

CAMPING SUPPLIES: Depending on the number of people, we can figure out tent options. If you have a tent you are willing to share, or will be using for yourself, please let me know in your RSVP. We cannot have too many tents on the site(s), so please let me know your preference. Since we’ll be coming back late we will plan to have a dinner-snack at the campsite. We will plan exact food options for those interested in camping. If you have a camp chair, please be prepared to bring one. Also, you’ll need the items listed in the Hike Things to Bring section above including the mandatory headlamp/flashlight.

RSVP Send an email to Kristen Gonzalez ( by APRIL 28 if you will just be joining us for the hike. If you are interested in CAMPING, RSVP NO LATER THAN APRIL 21.

Contact Kristen Gonzalez if you have any questions.